Asian American Engineer of the Year Awards

Asian American Executive Award


Ms. Anita D. Liang
Deputy Director, Facilities and Test
Glenn Research Center
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Cleveland, OH

Anita D. Liang serves as Deputy Director of the Facilities and Test Directorate at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration¡¯s (NASA) John H. Glenn Research Center

at Lewis Field.  She has been a member of the U.S. government's Senior Executive Service (SES) since November 2002.  Her government career spans 20 years.  

Ms. Liang assists the Director with all aspects of planning, organizing, coordinating, and evaluating new Facilities and Test Directorate¡¯s work.  Ms. Liang directs the management of Glenn¡¯s test facilities¡¯ operation, including flight assets, at Lewis Field.  She also oversees maintenance and assessment of the Center¡¯s facilities, infrastructure, and test and evaluation technical services in support of its research and development programs and business activities. 

As Associate Director for Aeronautics, Ms. Liang served as the Center¡¯s point of contact for developing the overall Aeronautics program strategy.  In the position of Chief of the Aeropropulsion Project Office, she was responsible for the management, execution and implementation of all projects at Glenn related to aeropropulsion advancements for future propulsion and power systems.  Ms. Liang also served as Glenn's focal point for the integration and coordination of all aerospace fuel cell efforts.

Ms. Liang has been an integral part of Glenn¡¯s Aeronautics Management Team since 1994.  She was the Deputy Chief of the Subsonic Systems Office and the Integration Manager for the Advanced Subsonic Technology Program.  Ms. Liang joined Glenn in 1989 as the Earth-to-Orbit Program Manager and assumed steadily increasing responsibilities for inter-Center coordination, program execution advocacy and identifying future propulsion opportunities.

Ms. Liang began her professional career at Babcock and Wilcox in 1981 as a research and project engineer.  She earned her bachelor's and master's degrees in engineering from McGill University, Montreal, Canada.  She participated in the Johnson Space Center¡¯s Program and Project Manager Development Program and NASA¡¯s Senior Executive Service Candidate Development Program.  She has also received several NASA honors, including the Exceptional Leadership Medal, Medal for Exceptional Achievement, and Space Flight Awareness Honoree Award.