Asian American Engineer of the Year Awards
Asian American Engineer of the Year Award

Dr. F. Dong Tan
Center Staff Manager
Distinguished Engineer
Mixed Signal & Power Center
Northrop Grumman Corporation

F. Dong Tan is Center Staff Manager and Distinguished Engineer within Mixed-signal & Power Center at NGAS. He is also product champion for both control electronics and power converters with campus-wide responsibilities for product strategy and cost reduction. Dong has a unique combination of strong leadership and technical skills.

As a department manager, he launch the laser control electronics organization and was recognized for "outstanding functional management performance" in 2003 by the Division General Manager. As a deputy program manager for TS21, he led the team delivered the power processing unit with tight schedule and cost constrains . The propulsion subsystem earned an outstanding achievement award at Joint Army navy NASA and Air Force Propulsion Conference in 2007, for "exceptional on-orbit performance for one of a kind, all- US made space propulsion system."

Dong is the Lead for the sector's Asian Pacific American Professional Development Community of Practice and among the first recipients of the company's inaugural Asian American Achievement Award in the category of "Emerging Leader."

Dong is a campus-wide technical resource for critical "tiger teams" to solve the company's most difficult problems. His technologies have enabled the company's standard product line power converters used for all major programs across the campus. He as served as the principle investigator for numerous IRAD/CARD programs. Most recently, his team on the Government's Director Innovation Initiative on Near Adiabatic Point-of-Load Converters achieved a world record efficiency of 99% at 3.3V.

He was Chair of the Joint IEEE and Department of Defense Working Group on Open Systems that developed ANSI/IEEE Std 1515-2000 and ANSI/IEEE Std 1573-2003, both of which are currently being used by the Environmental Protection Agency as standard tests fir their Energy Star Program. He frequently presents professional educational seminars in leading conferences.

Don graduated with distinction from Jiangxi Institute of Technology and holds a PHD from California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA. He teaches courses in power electronics at University of California-Irvine both at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Dong lives in Irvine, CA, with his wife and son. He enjoys hiking, tennis and visting national parks.