Asian American Engineer of the Year Awards
Asian American Engineer of the Year Award


Dr. Ying Sun
Distinguished Research Fellow
Internal Venture
Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products Worldwide
Skillman, NJ


Ying Sun is a J&J Distinguished Research Fellow, and Science Leader of an Internal Venture of Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation, and Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products Worldwide at Skillman, New Jersey. In that role, Ying leads a group of scientists and engineers to investigate the fundamental science of bioelectricity and its applications in medical fields and consumer products, and to develop a bioelectricity-based proprietary technology platform as growth engine for Johnson & Johnson.

During his 18 years at Johnson & Johnson, Ying developed a number of proprietary technologies on novel therapeutic treatments and drug delivery systems with significant business contribution. Ying is the inventor of 26 U.S. patents and over a hundred U.S. and foreign patent applications on bioelectricity-based treatment methods and compositions, topical formulations for various dermatologic conditions and women’s health products, nail drug penetration enhancers for treating nail fungal infections, and transdermal delivery enhancement of protein and polypeptide drugs. He has authored and co-authored 6 book chapters and many scientific papers.

Ying earned his Ph.D. degree in pharmaceutics from Rutgers University. Prior to joining Johnson & Johnson, Ying was an Assistant Professor at the School of Pharmacy, Memorial University of Newfoundland in Canada after working for Pennwalt Corporation on sustained drug release technology.  Ying has a B.S. degree in chemistry from Nanjing University in China, and a M.Sc. degree in Clay physical chemistry from Purdue University.